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Cupping therapy, an ancient alternative medicine practice, involves the use of glass or plastic cups that are placed on the skin to create suction. The therapeutic effects of cupping include facilitating local blood flow, promoting lymphatic circulation, relieving muscle tension, and inducing sweating. According to Chinese medicine, cupping's suction also enhances the circulation of Qi and blood, and clears the meridian-collateral system. By enhancing local blood, oxygen, nutrient, and Qi supply, cupping can relieve muscle tenderness, treat chronic pain, and promote cellular and tissue repair.

During a cupping therapy session, a therapist places glass cups on the client's skin and uses an air pump to create topical suctions. The suction causes the local skin and muscles to be drawn upward and outward, and the cups are left in place for a period of time. This can cause sensations of heat, tension, and facial redness due to vasodilation.

At the end of the treatment, the cups are removed, leaving minor bruises and red marks on the skin. These marks typically fade within a few days.

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