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Spray Tan Do's and Don'ts

Body Tanning is the most in thing amongst all men and women in San Diego. It needs professional training and experience to do this perfectly that brings you the just needed body finish. Let's talk about some preparations and care taking regarding Body Tan.

Preparation Tips -

Cover your nails with acrylic gel and nail paint coats to protect them from staining.
Avoid any facials, pedicures or manicures in immediate days after spray tanning.
Exfoliate your body with a dry gritty scrub prior to your body tan at San Diego Salons.
Do not have any lotions applied to your body even a day before the procedure.
You can use lipbalms, lipsticks, chapsticks etc as per your prference.

Spray tan feels sticky until your first shower and you can discuss with our professionals at Suki Day Spa and Wellness Center Salon in San Diego, regarding what kind of clothing you should wear during and immediately after the procedure. In case of accidental touching of fresh sprayed body, wash only the insides of your hands while the spray tan is developing. The most effective way to do this is with hand sanitizer or an antibacterial wipe. If you do not have these available, you can also use a paper towel or towel with soap. Your spray tan specialist will walk you through this process at the end of your appointment.

After care -

Avoid a shower for about 10-12 hours after the procedure.
You can apply make up but sweating, swimming, washing should not be done until the first shower.
Avoid wearing any kinds of gloves to do your house chores on the day of your spray tan. Enjoy meals from the restaurant the entire day and watch a movie with your kids!!
Avoid scrubbing to dry your body post showers if you have got a body tan done. Gentle pat drying should be done.
Do not use scented body washes and soaps, avoid face washes containing salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide.
You can use moisturizing lotions, NON SCENTED ones, to help the tan stay longer and fade away evenly.
Always use sunscreen on your tanned body.


Spray tans give you the shiny bronze look you would love yourself in, but your after care is all the more important to keep loving the way you look.
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