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Sunless Spray Tan - Body Tinting

Needless to say, a little color to everything is just good. The simple bright white days are no more to stay. From girls to working women to celebrities, body tanning is something each woman wishes to go for. What could be more amazing than having a skin color you would love yourself to be in!!

Professional Sunless body tanning at Suki Day Spa will give the very even and just the wanted bronze look to your body. Spray tan is a temporary procedure where a body safe mist is sprayed evenly onto your body. Its a completely safe process and if you get bored with the color or do not happen to like it, it will fade away in a few days by itself, unlike the sun tan that takes weeks to go away. Our salon is one of the best body tan salons in San Diego, where we not only answer all your queries before hand but also give you a comfortable environment and after care tips. All you need to be careful about is not to let the mist enter your eyes or mucous membranes.

Suki Day Spa offers many beauty treatments and procedures like massages, facials etc you would fall in love with.
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